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    In the following you will find a list of projects the KAEFER FOUNDATION created or is involved in.

    Please contact foundation@kaefer.com for further information or any questions you might have regarding the projects.


    Helping Refugees - globally and locally

    During the Christmas season of 2015, the KAEFER FOUNDATION arranged for the colleagues in Bremen, Germany to support CARE, an organization that helps refugees all over the world. The KAEFER FOUNDATION raised money in order to support the great work that CARE does.

    At the start of 2016, the KAEFER FOUNDATION also managed to support a refugee shelter in Bremen, not only financially but also via various donations of commodities. This has been a great success and the KAEFER FOUNDATION gladly supported the shelter.


    Supporting our Colleagues from Nepal

    Over 200 of our Nepalese colleagues were directly affected by the 7.8 and 7.3 earthquakes which hit Nepal in April 2015. The support from the worldwide KAEFER community was astounding. The KAEFER FOUNDATION was able to collect donations and allocate these to the affected co-workers, offering them financial relief.


    Supporting Students from the University of Bremen

    The Scipio team, short for Scientific Purification Indicator, consists of five electrical engineers from the University of Bremen, Germany, who have invented an innovative tool that is capable of determining if water is drinkable or not, when placed in a PVC bottle of water under direct equatorial sunlight. The KAEFER FOUNDATION is delighted to be able to help the prize winning team to accomplish their ambitious goals and are looking forward to helping the project in the future.


    Support of “Go4School” Rally of Opportunity International

    Go4School is an event run by “Opportunity in Aktion” which aims to give children from poor families the chance of a good education. During the rally, the teams drove 2,500 km from Senegal to Ghana. The rally cars were then sold in auctions and all the proceeds went towards a microschool program in Ghana - the KAEFER FOUNDATION gladly supported this fun event.

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    Fundraising Campaign

    In response to the severe flooding in parts of eastern and southern Germany, which also affected some of our KAEFER colleagues, a KAEFER FOUNDATION fundraising campaign was launched to help peole in need.


    Faces of Sustainability – Auction for the Good Cause

    During the “Faces of Sustainability” exhibition, 20 different companies shared their views and attitudes towards this cause. Photos from the KAEFER International Photo Competition were chosen to illustrate KAEFER’s corporate culture. Francisca Gorgodian, one of the Managing Directors of the KAEFER FOUNDATION shared her views towards sustainability and diversity.


    Yearly Recurring Projects


    CRS Postcards

    Entries of the KAEFER International Photo Competition are used to produce postcards that are sold internally, raising funds for the KAEFER FOUNDATION. Among other locations, they are available at the Headquarters reception.


    Running Events

    The KAEFER running Team takes part every year in the charity run called “Venus run” organised by the Bremer Krebsgesellschaft. Motivated runners and families gather in the Bürgerpark in Bremen to run or walk a certain number of kilometres in order to raise money for cancer research.
    The KAEFER FOUNDATION supports KAEFER runners all over the world when they participate in fundraising events.


    World AIDS Day

    Each year, KAEFER shows its support for the World AIDS Day on 1st December. The KAEFER FOUNDATION and colleagues from all over the world get creative in order to raise money for the KAEFER AIDS Relief Programme (KARP) in South Africa. For the past year's efforts, candy canes, waffles, cookies, or pancakes have been sold.

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